• Business Track visa to Japan

    The Singapore-Japan Business Track / Reciprocal Green Lane (RGL) is applicable to all residents in Singapore entering through Tokyo (Narita International Airport or Haneda International Airport) or Osaka (Kansai International Airport).

    The Business Track enables limited business activities during the 14-day stay at home period (partially relaxes restrictions on such activities), immediately after arrival in Japan, on condition that travellers accept additional quarantine measures. This framework is intended mainly for short-term business travellers. Duration of stay in Japan will be up to 30 days on a single-entry basis. Business activities must be limited to the necessary minimum, such as round-trip travel between home and the office, not using public transportation and avoiding contact with random people or crowds.

    Infographic of the Business Track travel to Japan:

    Japanese Business Track infographic
    • Travellers arriving in Japan under these measures are required to present the visa and submit a negative COVID-19 test result (original or copy) conducted within 72 hours of the departure time to an immigration officer. The test certificate (attached Word document or similar) must be filled and signed by one of the medical institutions designated and listed by the government.

    Required documents for a business track visa to Japan

    • Completed Japanese visa application form. Please, refer to the Japanese visa application guide on how to complete the form in accordance with requirements of the Embassy of Japan.
    • 1 recent passport-size colour photograph on a white background attached to the application form.
    • Original and a copy of your passport with at least 6 months’ validity beyond the validity of the visa and with two empty pages for stamping the visa.
    • Copy of a Residence permit for EP, PR, DP and S-Pass holders or a copy of a landing card for short-term visitors (less than 90 days) to Singapore or Re-entry Permit for PR holders. For a new employment pass with a QR code instead of an expiry date, you must provide a printout of the validity and expiry status which can be obtained with a free SGWorkPass app (available on App Store and Google Play).
    • A supporting letter from the applicant’s employer in Singapore. Please refer to the example of a school/company letter.
    • A letter of invitation from Japan.
    • Travel insurance.
    • A letter of guarantee from Japan.
    • A Written pledge – 2 copies. The receiving company/entity is requested to fill in and sign the pledge. Please, use the corporate seal of the receiving company/entity. A copy of the original of this form must be sent to the traveller.
    • A Schedule of Activities in Japan – 2 copies. The document is to be attached to the “Written Pledge” to declare in advance the schedule of activities of the traveller such as accommodation and destinations scheduled for 14 days after entering Japan. A copy of the original of this form must be sent to the traveller.
    • Authorisation letter.
    • Completed and signed Global Singapore visa order form.

    • For Russian and CIS passport holders, 2 completed application forms and 2 photographs are required.
    • Should you require to print any of the required documents in our office, please note that an additional charge will be applied.

    Fees for a business track visa to Japan



      Consulate fee:

      Consulate fee:

      Consulate fee:

      Consulate fee:

      Service fee:





      • All fees and charges are subject to prevailing GST.
      • As the office is still closed, we do not accept applicants in the office. The document will be collected and delivered using a courier service. Please, enquire at the time of application for the quote.

      Processing time for a business visa to Japan

      • Normally, visa processing takes 7 working days after lodgement of the documents to the Consulate. However, in some cases where referral to the government office is required, the processing time can be extended up to 1 or 2 months. Therefore, we advise you to start planning your trip in advance.

      • Urgent or express service is not available with the Consulate of Japan.

      Delivery of your passport:

      Do not have time to collect your passport? Let us save your time and money and deliver it to you for as low as SGD 10.00. Please, enquire at the time of submission or over the phone.

      Should you have any further questions regarding a visa to Japan after reading the information on our website, email us at info@globalsingapore.sg and one of our consultants will help you with the query.