• Ukrainian visa FAQ

    Do I need a visa?
    A visa to enter Ukraine is required for nationals of most countries. However, recently Ukraine established a visa-free regime with several European, Asian and South American countries. To find out whether the visa-free regime is applicable in your case, please check a list of visa-free regime nationalities for Ukraine.
    How can you help me to obtain a visa? Do you actually issue visas?
    Global Singapore can lodge an application for a visa on your behalf. The visa fees vary depending on the processing time and visa type. Please, check the individual requirements for a tourist visa, business and private visa and transit visa.
    Once I am issued with a visa, can I travel all over Ukraine?
    Normally, yes. You will be issued a visa to the country, not to any specific places. Once in Ukraine, you have the right to change your original itinerary and travel elsewhere. However, there are places and regions in Ukraine foreigners have limited access to.
    How long will it take to obtain a visa to Ukraine?
    Normal service is 7-15 working days after lodgement of the documents to the Ukrainian Consulate

    Urgent service is 2-3 working days after lodgement of the documents to the Ukrainian Consulate.

    Do I need to book a hotel?
    Yes, the hotel booking confirmation is one of the required documents for applying for the Ukrainian visa. Your visa validity will start from the date of the check-in and you will be permitted to stay in the country according to the number of booked days.
    Do I need to book airline tickets?
    Yes, your flight itinerary is one of the required documents for applying for a visa. Please note that your visa should correspond with the date of your arrival to Ukraine. For nationalities from the countries with high migration risk, the return ticket is compulsory as well.
    How long can I stay in Ukraine?
    Your stay in Ukraine will be specified in your visa and will correspond to the dates of your hotel booking or will be according to the details in the invitation letter or a tourist voucher.
    How do I invite my friends or relatives from Russia to Singapore?
    Yes, we can help your friend to get a visa to Singapore. You can also give your friends a direct link to our Russian section of the website dealing with visas to Singapore.