• Embassy of Vietnam

    COVID-19 Update

    From December 1, 2020, foreign nationals are prohibited from entering Vietnam and international commercial flights are suspended. This policy does not apply to special repatriation flights for Vietnamese nationals. This policy also provides exemptions for investors, specialists, skilled workers, business managers, persons travelling as part of diplomatic or official missions, persons travelling under special bilateral agreements, and the family members of such persons provided the duration of their stay in Vietnam does not exceed 14 days. Visitors may apply for an extension beyond 14 days if they undergo testing for COVID-19. All persons travelling to Vietnam must fully comply with local regulations to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and ensure public safety. Travellers should carry international health insurance with coverage valid in Vietnam; otherwise, the local organisation sponsoring the traveller is required to cover all costs associated with the treatment for COVID-19 should it become necessary. The sponsoring organization is likewise responsible for all expenses relating to quarantine (if any), transportation, and COVID-19 testing for visitors entering Vietnam at their invitation.


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