• Business visa to Japan

    A multiple-entry business visa to Japan is granted for individuals travelling to Japan for business purposes such as business talks, contract signing, after-sales service for machinery imported into Japan, etc.

    To be able to apply for a multiple-entry visa, an applicant should meet the following requirements:

    They are a passport holder of a one of countries from Near Middle East, Asia Pacific, East Central Africa, Europe and Latin America and have been holding a top-management position for a period of at least 1 year in a company, profile of which suites to one of the criteria below:

    • A public listed enterprise (on the Stock Exchange of Singapore, Japan or another country);
    • A national (state-owned) enterprise;
    • A joint venture with a public listed enterprise in Japan;
    • A company that has frequent trading with a public listed enterprise in Japan;
    • A company that is a member of the local Japanese Chamber of Commerce with an operational base or contact address in Japan.

    Spouses or children of applicants who meet the criteria above are eligible to apply for a multiple-entry visa to Japan as well.

    A business visa to Japan usually is issued for a period from 1 to 5 years. The validity of the visa granted will depend on the applicant’s nationality, type of passport, the purpose of visit and travel history.

    Required documents for a business visa to Japan

    • Arrange your documents in the order according to the checklist.
    • All documents should be printed or photocopied on A4-sized paper.
    • Separate all the application documents for different applicants into individual sets.
    • Submit photocopies of documents as specified in our requirements, submitted documents would NOT be returned.
    • NO staples/pins/paper clips should be used on documents.

    • For Russian and other CIS passport holders, 2 completed application forms and 2 photographs are required.
    • Should you require to print any of the required documents in our office, please note that an additional charge will be applied.

    Fees for a business visa to Japan



      Consulate fee:

      Consulate fee:

      Consulate fee:

      Consulate fee:

      Service fee:





      Processing time for a business visa to Japan

      • Normally, visa processing takes 5 working days after lodgement of the documents to the Consulate. However, in some cases where referral to the government office is required, the processing time can be extended up to 1 or 2 months. Therefore, we advise you to start planning your trip in advance.

      • Urgent or express service is not available with the Consulate of Japan.

      Delivery of your passport:

      Do not have time to collect your passport? Let us save your time and money and deliver it to you for as low as SGD 10.00. Please, enquire at the time of submission or over the phone.