Extension of stay in Singapore

Extension of stay in Singapore

Upon entering Singapore, your passport will be stamped with a Visit Pass stating the date of the end of your permitted stay in Singapore. In most cases, you are given 30 days, after which you must leave the country. The Immigration & Checkpoints Authority allow you to apply for a one-time 30-day extension of stay (extension of a short term Visit Pass).

Global Singapore visa processing centre offers a procurement service for an online extension of stay in Singapore for additional 30 days.

An approved extension of stay is emailed to the applicant in a PDF format.

Extension of stay application procedure

To apply for an extension of stay in Singapore, you will need to:

Step 1

Complete an online extension of stay form and attach a scanned copy of your passport and a scanned copy of the disembarkation card (both sides).

Step 2

Pay for the application on the page where you’ll be taken to after completing the form. Alternatively, return to completing the form for the next applicant and then pay for everybody in one go.

Step 3

As soon as we’ve checked your application(s), we will email to confirm receipt of the documents and your payment.

Step 4

Within 1 to 3 days, you will receive an outcome of the Immigration Authority’s decision via email.

Who can apply for an extension of stay

You can apply for an extension of stay if you fulfil all of the following conditions:

  • You have not previously obtained or applied for an extension of stay on the current trip.
  • You wish to extend your stay up to 30 days from date of entry to Singapore.
  • Your Visit Pass (a stamp on the disembarkation card) has a remaining validity of at least 5 working days from the date of submission (working days are from Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays). It is preferable that you send the document on 15-20nd day of your stay in Singapore.
  • You will not be returning to Singapore within 5 days from the departure date of your current trip.

Fees and processing time

The fee is 60 USD and it takes 1-2 working days to be processed. Payment must be made when submitting the documents.

  • Overstaying is an Immigration offense. If you overstay, you may be subject to a composition fine or prosecution in Court. Holders of a Visit Pass are not permitted to engage in any form of employment, business or occupation without a valid work pass issued under the Employment of Foreign Manpower Act (Cap. 91A).
  • Kindly note that the extension application’s approval, rejection, and duration is considered on its own merits and is at the discretion of the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority. If your application is rejected for any reason, no fees will be refunded.

* Unfortunately, nationals of the following countries will not be able to apply for the online extension of stay: Afghanistan, Algeria, Bangladesh, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Kosovo, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Nigeria, Pakistan, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia and Yemen. An application in such a case will need to be made in person in the ICA Building.

** It should be noted that approval of the extension of stay is not guaranteed and refusals are not so rare. In case of refusal, an applicant may make an appeal to Immigration & Checkpoints Authority to review their rejected application when there is new supporting information or if there are exceptional circumstances that may support their case. An appeal must be made in person. In such instances, the applicant and local sponsor will be required to come in person to the Visitor Services Centre, ICA Building, with supporting documents (if applicable) for consideration. The local sponsor must be either a Citizen of Singapore or a Singapore Permanent Resident who is at least 21 years old and has a SingPass account.