• UAE Embassy legalisation

    UAE Embassy legalisation, also called consular authentication or certification, refers to a consular practice ensuring the authenticity of the very last signature or the seal affixed to a document related to the application from a natural person, legal person or other organisation. In accordance with international practice and the consular practice established in UAE, the purpose of consular authentication is to ensure that notarial deeds issued in one country have due legal effect and can be acknowledged by the relevant authorities in another country with no question as to their authenticity.

    Please note that the UAE Embassy is only able to endorse certificates issued by Institutes registered in Singapore according to the attestation procedures set by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the UAE.

    • Governmental documents issued in Singapore such as marriage certificates, birth certificates and educational certificates from local government schools etc, first need to be endorsed by the Singapore Academy of Law (SAL) in Singapore – we can help with these steps – please, enquire during application.
      • Computer generated documents, e.g. marriage search from the Registry of Marriages, Certificate of Making Decree Nisi Absolute etc, must be certified by the issuing department first before they are presented to SAL for legalisation.
    • Non-Governmental documents issued in Singapore such as documents from foreign institutions, private company documents, educational certificates from private schools and universities etc, first must be referred to a Notary Public in Singapore for notarisation and then to the Singapore Academy of Law for certification before the documents can be presented UAE Embassy in Singapore – we can help with these steps – please, enquire during application.
      • Computer generated documents such as invoices, bills of sales, certificates of origin, fumigation certificates, etc first should be certified or seen by any of the four Chambers of Commerce (International, Chinese, Indian and Malay) or the Singapore Manufacturers’ Association before presenting to the Singapore Academy of Law for legalisation – we can help with these steps – please, enquire during application.. For legalisation of true copies, please present the photocopy together with the original document for verification.

    Required documents for UAE Embassy legalisation

    • Original and 1 copy of the documents to be authenticated
    • For educational certificates – a letter from Singapore registered Institute is required stating that (this is the requirement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the UAE prior to endorsement to ensure the authenticity of the information):
      • the person has attended from the beginning till the end of the program
      • the person has passed the examination which was conducted in Singapore
      • the curriculum undergone was on full-time or part-time basis
    • Completed and signed Global Singapore legalisation order form.

    • Should you require to print any of the required documents in our office, please note that an additional charge will be applied.

    Processing time for UAE Embassy legalisation

    • Processing time for legalisation at the UAE Embassy usually takes 3-5 working days excluding the submission day

    Fees for legalisation

    • Individual affairs documents or Certificate of Origin: consular fee of 88 SGD per document + service fee of 82 SGD per document.
    • Commercial documents: Notary fee of 165.85 SGD per document + consular fee of 823 SGD per document + service fee of 82 SGD per document.

    Delivery of your documents:

    Do not have time to drop off or collect your documents? Let us save your time and money and collect and deliver to you for as low as SGD 10.00. Please, enquire at the time of submission or over the phone.

    • To proceed, email us at info@globalsingapore.sg in order to book an appointment. Our opening hours are 8.00 to 18.00 Monday to Friday. Last appointment is at 17.30.
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