• Visa-free transit to Singapore

    Nationals of the Commonwealth of Independent States, Russia, Turkmenistan, Ukraine and Georgia can exercise a visa-free transit into Singapore without a visa if they are on transit to a third country (both forward and return leg applies). However, they are required to fulfil the following conditions:

    • They are in transit to or from a third country, i.e. the country where they are departing to is different from the country where they have arrived from.
    • They hold a valid passport with a minimum of 6 months’ validity at the time of entry into Singapore.
    • They hold a confirmed onward air-ticket to a third country.
    • The have a visa to the third country if necessary.
    • They have sufficient funds for the duration of stay in Singapore.
    • They are leaving Singapore within 96-hours of arrival.
    • They have applied for the online arrival card in Singapore.

    Upon entering Singapore, you will be emailed the arrival card with your Visit Pass validity.

    While citizens of certain countries can enjoy visa-free transit in Singapore for up to 96 hours, there have been occasional reports on travel forums/websites that airline check-in staff might be unaware of this Visa-free transit rule, causing delays or even denying boarding. Since we can’t guarantee every check-in officer’s knowledge, to ensure a smooth journey, applying for a visa might be a safer option.