• Business visa to Bangladesh

    A business visa to Bangladesh is granted to those who are invited to Bangladesh for business activities such as commerce, trade or investment as long as they can provide documentary evidence to provide their visit. A business visa can be issued as a single-entry (3 months validity) or a multiple-entry visa (6 months validity).

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    Required documents for a business visa to Bangladesh:

    • Application form. The completed Bangladeshi visa application form with barcode and uploaded photograph must be printed and signed by hand (blue ink).
    • Original passport with at least 6 months’ validity beyond the validity of the visa and with 2 empty pages for stamping the visa.
    • Copy of a passport biopage.
    • Copy of a Residence permit for EP, PR, DP and S-Pass holders or Re-entry Permit for PR holders. For a new employment pass with a QR code instead of an expiry date, you must provide a printout of the validity and expiry status which can be obtained with a free SGWorkPass app (available on App Store and Google Play). The printout must show the access date at the top and the bottom.
    • Photograph. 1 recent passport-size (48mm x 33mm) photograph in a digital format (for completing the online form) and 1 hard copy (for affixing to the printed-out form). The photo must meet the following criteria:
      • The applicant is required to present the frontal view to the camera with the entire head and face visible.
      • The facial expression must be neutral with eyes open, mouth closed and ears visible.
      • Eyeglasses are allowed only if the lenses are not tinted and there is no glare, shadows, or frames obscuring the eyes.
      • Hats or other head coverings are only allowed if worn for religious reasons and if they do not obscure any facial features.
      • The background of the photo should be white or close to white with no borders around the edge of the image.
      • You cannot wear a white top; the top must have sleeves.
      • The photo should be recent, taken within 6 months.
    • Flight itinerary;
    • Supporting letter. An original supporting letter from your employer in Singapore setting out the reason, duration of the proposed visit, and responsibility for accommodation/maintenance costs and specify whether a multiple entry visa or a single entry visa is needed;
    • Invitation letter. Copy of the invitation letter from Bangladesh counterpart, and specify whether a multiple entry visa or a single entry visa is needed;
    • Copy of a Trade License (Registration of Company) of the Bangladesh business counterpart;
    • Copy of a TIN Certificate;
    • Copy of Income Tax Certificate of the Bangladeshi business counterpart. The Income Tax Certificate must be the latest copy;
    • Business Visa Summary Form. Completed and signed Business Visa Summary Form.
    • Global Singapore visa order form. Completed and signed Global Singapore visa order form.
    • Document checklist.

    • Should you require to print any of the required documents in our office, please note that an additional charge will be applied.

    Fees for a business visa to Bangladesh:

    • All consulate fees by nationality are listed here.
    • Service fee is 88 SGD per applicant.

    Processing time for a business visa to Bangladesh:

    • Typically, visa processing takes approximately 4-5 working days after submission of documents to the Consulate. However, in some cases where referral to a government office is necessary, the processing time may extend up to 1 or 2 months. Hence, we recommend planning your trip well in advance.
    • Urgent service is not available.

    Delivery of your passport: