• Electronic visa to Singapore

    We assist with applying for an electronic multiple-entry 9-week visa to Singapore. We are a visa processing centre, a licensed travel agent, and a Trusted Partner of the Immigration Authority of Singapore since 2013. Visa processing is performed in accordance with the requirements of the Government of Singapore.

    Singaporean visa is electronic and is emailed in a PDF (Acrobat Reader) format, and will contain a unique identification number. Applying for a visa to Singapore is possible only through a Trusted Partner of the Immigration Authority. Global Singapore has a status of a Trusted Partner. The visa stays in the system of the Singapore Immigration and will appear automatically on the passport control officer’s screen; it also can be printed out and presented to the immigration officer together with an online Singapore Arrival Card. You will be able to verify the authenticity of a visa issued on the website of the Immigration & Checkpoint Authority.

    The issued visa allows single/double/multiple entries (dependent on the selected visa type) into the country during its period of validity (9 weeks), which begins from the date of issue of the visa. Bear in mind that the duration of each stay in Singapore cannot exceed 30 days, i.e. every time you are entering the country your passport will be accordingly stamped allowing you to remain for (usually) 30 days.

    It is also possible to apply for an extension of stay once you are in Singapore.

    When entering Singapore, everyone is required to present a Singapore Arrival Card. You can apply for a Singapore Arrival Card at any time.

    Visa to Singapore requirements

    Step 1

    Complete an online application form and attach the required documents.

    Step 2

    As soon as we confirm the correctness of the submitted documents we will email you a payment request. Please, bear in mind the time difference with Singapore. Processing starts after full payment had been received.

    Step 3

    Usually, within 3 to 6 days (or 4 to 7 days for alien passport holders of Estonia and Latvia), you will receive your visa(s) via email and will be able to check its authenticity on the Singapore Immigration’s website.

    Who can apply for a visa to Singapore:

    We offer a service for applying for a 9-weeks’ multiple-entry visa to Singapore for the following nationalities only:

    • Latvia*
      Permanent residents with a Nepilsoņa Pase / Alien’s Passport

    • Estonia*
      Permanent residents with a Välismaalase Pass / Alien’s Passport

    • ¹ Visa is not required for Diplomatic/Official and Service passport holders for a stay of up to 30 days.
    • ² Visa is not required for Diplomatic/Official and Service passport holders.
    • ³ Visa is not required for Diplomatic/Official and Service passport holders for a stay of up to 90 days.

    Fees and processing time for a visa to Singapore:

    • Normal service (CIS, etc.), up to 3-4 working days for nationals of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.
      • single-entry: 80 USD
      • double-entry: 90 USD
      • multiple-entry: 100 USD
    • Express service (CIS, etc.), about 1-2 days for nationals of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan
      • single-entry: 128 USD
      • double-entry: 138 USD
      • multiple-entry: 148 USD
    • Normal service, stateless of Latvia and Estonia, up to 6 days for stateless applicants residing in Latvia and Estonia
      • single-entry: 170 USD
      • multiple-entry: 190 USD
    • Express service, stateless of Latvia and Estonia, up to 3 days for stateless applicants residing in Latvia and Estonia
      • single-entry: 198 USD
      • multiple-entry: 218 USD

    Methods of payment

    Credit card

    With a Visa, MasterCard debit and credit card and other online payment methods through Stripe.


    With a balance or a credit card through the electronic payment system PayPal.

    Required Documents for a visa to Singapore

    To apply for a visa to Singapore, you will need to:

    • Complete an online form for every applicant on the Apply for a visa to Singapore page.
    • Attach a scanned copy of the bio page of the passport. A passport must be valid for a minimum of 6 months at the time of entry into Singapore. The passport must have a blank page for the stamp. For each child, a separate visa is issued regardless of whether the child has a separate passport or is endorsed in a parent’s passport, in which case you should attach a copy of the passport page with the child’s details, and specify the passport number of their parent, where the child is endorsed.
    • Attach a hotel booking. If it’s 1-day trip the hotel booking is not required.
    • Attach inbound/outbound ticket.
    • Residence permit for holders of the Alien’s passport issued by Estonia.

    Attach a high-quality colour photograph for every applicant in a digital format (click on + for details).

    • Photograph must be of photo-studio quality and size, otherwise, you weill will be rejected.
    • Scanned and photoshopped photographs will not be accepted.
    • Photograph must be a digital original.
    • A recent passport-sized colour photograph that was taken within the last 3 months and is taken against a white background.
    • Photograph image must show the full face and without headgear.
    • Photograph must not be smudged or be out of focus.

    • In some cases, additional documents (individual in each case) may be required to assist in assessing the application. We reserve the right to turn down an application. The reason for turning down may not be disclosed.

    Photo for a visa to Singapore

    Apply for a visa to Singapore

    To apply for a visa to Singapore, complete the application form below for every applicant and attach the necessary documents. All mandatory fields are marked with an asterisk.

    • It is very important to complete the form without mistakes, as you will not be allowed into the country with even one incorrect letter or number in your passport details, and your visa will be cancelled at a checkpoint.

    You can also complete the Singapore visa application form in Russian if it’s more convenient for you.

    Singapore visa application form

      Complete the below form for every applicant.

      Select the required product and service:

      Service  *

      Purpose of visit  *

      Multiplicity of visa  *

      Multiplicity of visa  *

      Multiplicity of visa  *


      Full name (last name, first name, middle name/patronymic  *

      Last name, name and patronymic (if present) EXACTLY as it appears in the MRZ of passport, omitting the hyphens if they are not shown in the MRZ.


      Email  *
      If applying for a group of people, you must specify the same email address in all applications, so we could treat it as part of the same batch order!

      Nationality  *

      Religion  *

      Gender  *

      Country of birth  *

      Marital status  *

      Nationality of spouse  *

      Date of birth  *

      Passport country of issue  *

      Passport number
      (without spaces) *

      Passport issuing authority
      (for example, FMS123)   *

      Passport issue date  *

      Passport expiry date  *


      Country of residence  *

      Full address in the country of residence  *

      Phone number (incl country code)   *


      Date of arrival in Singapore  * :   



      year (4 digits)

      Date of departure from Singapore  * :



      year (4 digits)

      Occupation  *

      Annual Income (in Sing. dollars*

      Highest qualification attained  *

      Where will you be staying?  *

      Hotel name in Singapore  *

      Block/house No  *

      Street  *

      Postcode  *

      If others, please specify (cruise ship name, etc)  *

      Did you reside in other countries, other than your country of residence, for one year or more during the last 5 years?  *

      Please, provide the COUNTRY, ADDRESS and DATES

      Have you ever been refused entry into or deported from any country, including Singapore?  *

      Have you ever been convicted in a court of law in any country, including Singapore?  *

      Have you ever been prohibited from entering Singapore?  *

      Have you ever entered Singapore using a different passport or name?  *

      If any of the answer is 'yes', please provide details below:


      The maximum size of the uploaded files should not exceed 4Mb. The following types of documents are allowed for uploading: JPG, JPEG, PNG, BMP, TIF, DOC, PDF.

      Passport copy  *

      Estonian residence permit  *

      Colour photo (must be of photo-studio quality otherwise there will be a guaranteed rejection)   *

      Hotel/cruise booking   *

      Inbound ticket/cruise to Singapore  *

      Flight/cruise to Singapore  *

      Outbound ticket/cruise from Singapore  *

      Flight/cruise from Singapore  *

      Additional documents 1 (optional)

      Additional documents 2 (optional)


      If applying for a family/group, how many are there of you altogether?  *

      Relationship of one of the family or group you are travelling with  *

      That person's full name  *

      That person's passport number  *

      Have you visited Singapore before?

      If yes, specify the date

      How did you hear about us?

      Last time you applied for a visa to Singapore?

      I accept terms and conditions of the site. *

      I accept the Data Protection Notice. *

      Sending can take a few moments depending on the size of the attachments and your internet speed.

      • The visa gives you the right to enter Singapore, but not to stay in the country without a break until the end of its validity!
      • The approved electronic visa is sent to the email address indicated when submitting the form. Make sure your email address is spelt correctly to avoid mishaps in receiving your visa due to a trivial mistake.
      • Please note, that when entering Singapore the passport control officer has the right to demand proof of departure from the country (return ticket) and deny entry in the absence thereof.
      • In case of delays or refusal of a visa due to reasons beyond our control or due to an incorrectly filled application form, the amount paid is not refundable, as the fee charged is for processing of the application and is not based on the outcome of the application. Reasons for refusals are never given by the Department of Migration and Control of Singapore.
      • The final decision on granting, the validity and multiplicity of the visa is made by the Singapore Immigration & Checkpoint Authority. Similar to any visa to any other country, a visa to Singapore is not an immigration pass. It is a pre-entry permission for the holder of a valid Singapore visa to travel to, and seek entry, into Singapore. The grant of an immigration pass will be determined by the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) officers at the point of entry. Possession of a valid visa alone does not guarantee entry into Singapore.
      • All visitors on visit passes are not permitted to engage in any form of business, profession, occupation or paid employment while in Singapore. Visitors are also reminded that it is a punishable offence to overstay in Singapore beyond the number of days given.