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    Welcome to Global Singapore

    Welcome to Global Singapore – a travel agency and visa processing centre based in Singapore with a customer-oriented approach!

    Our comprehensive visa services assist businesses and individuals in securing the necessary visas for travel to a wide range of destinations, including South Korea, China, Russia, Singapore (electronic visa), India, Vietnam, and many others.

    We understand the complexities of visa applications and the challenges associated with navigating consulate procedures. Our experienced team will handle all aspects of the process, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience for you.

    Our qualified staff have been specialising in obtaining visas worldwide for many years and therefore have plenty of experience in solving even the most complex tasks. Applying for a visa can be a very troublesome and confusing process; the smallest mistakes can lead to refusal.

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    We guarantee you the highest level of our work, which reduces to a minimum the probability of refusal of a visa. Our operation is built on the high competence, dedication of our team members and an individual approach to every single client.

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