• Visa registration in Russia

    Every foreign citizen visiting Russia on a tourist or business visa for more than 7 business days must register with the local migration authorities.

    Registration must be completed by the receiving entity. Please note that the receiving entity is not necessarily the same as the inviting organisation or hotel indicated on the person’s visa invitation but the actual host company, hotel or person a foreigner is visiting in Russia.

    If you are staying in a hotel, your visa will be registered by the hotel reception. Please request a copy of the registration at the reception.

    If you are staying at a private apartment, a visa is to be registered by a landlord whether it is a tourist or a business visa. A landlord must apply for your registration at the local post office or the local office of Federal Migration Service (formerly called OVIR) in other cities.

    Please, note that initial registration has to take place within 7 business days upon arrival to Russia. If you visit several cities, you need to re-register your visa at each city where you are staying for more than 7 business days. If you are staying less than 7 business days in each city, only initial registration is required.

    We suggest that you keep copies of tickets, hotel reservations and other documents that could serve as a proof of your itinerary. Keep all copies of registration notifications along your trip.