Apply for a visa to Singapore

Apply for a visa to Singapore

To apply for a visa to Singapore, complete the application form below and attach the necessary documents. All mandatory fields are marked with an asterisk.

Please note that the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority will be closed between 27th of October. Do take this into consideration when applying for a visa.

It is very important to complete the form without mistakes, as you will not be allowed into the country with mistakes in your personal data on a visa.

You can also complete the Singapore visa application form in Russian if it’s more convenient for you.

Singapore visa application form

Complete the below form for every applicant.



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Did you reside in other countries, other than your country of origin, for one year or more during the last 5 years? If yes, please provide the COUNTRY, ADDRESS and DATES:

Have you ever been refused entry into or deported from any country, including Singapore?? *

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The maximum size of the uploaded files should not exceed 2 Mb. The following types of documents are allowed for uploading: JPG, JPEG, PNG, BMP, TIF, DOC, PDF

Passport copy *

Estonian residence permit *

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Hotel booking (we can apply with a 3* hotel and higher) *

Inbound ticket to Singapore *

Flight No. to Singapore *

Outbound ticket from Singapore *

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Visa application form (download). (If you haven't attached the completed by hand application form, your application will not be processed)*

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I accept terms and conditions of the site. The final decision on granting, the validity and multiplicity of the visa is made by the Singapore Immigration & Checkpoint Authority. When applying for a visa, the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority takes a full consulate fee from us. Unfortunately, the money is not refunded if the application has been rejected. *

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