• You can do it only in Korea


    1. Do Gangnam style in the Gangnam district

    NB (Noise Basement) in Gangnam is a great place to pay homage to Psy’s Gangnam Style song in the Gangnam neighbourhood itself. This is the best place in the world where you can strut your stuff to the video that has garnered 1.6 billion views within the year (hard to believe that this is nearly 5 million views per day).

    Here you can also get a glimpse into the real meaning of the songs lyric, which satirizes the rich, new luxurious lifestyle of those that frequent the area. Here, the crowd comes from money, is well dressed, and ready to party. See if you can spot the inspiration for Psy’s song lyrics here.

    2. Cross the border into North Korea

    The Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) is the most heavily armed border in the world. It’s the forefront of the Korean War, a war that has never formally ended. It is also one of the last relics of the Cold War, and visiting will immediately place you in the middle of this very modern Korean civil war.

    Places to see are:

    • Imjingak Park
    • Bridge of Freedom
    • Infiltration Tunnel
    • DMZ Theater / Exhibition Hall
    • Dora Observatory
    • Dorasan Station
    korean food

    3. Try the most delicious and the spiciest Korean food (if you can handle it)

    Where else can you eat so much Kimchi, as in Korea? Kimchi is Korea’s representative food. It’s delicious, healthy and it goes good with everything. And Koreans eat it pretty much every day, for pretty much every meal. It can’t be THAT good, can it?! Find out why Koreans eat so much kimchi!

    In addition to being super healthy and uber delicious, kimchi goes perfect with all Korean food. And pretty much 99% of the Korean population eats it pretty much every day at every meal. That’s because Koreans need that fresh feeling in their mouth. No joking…

    There is a Kimchi museum in Seoul.

    4. Visit the biggest amusement park in Seoul

    Lotte World – Seoul’s biggest amusement park is a whole day filled with fun rides, games, an ice skating rink and 176 different types of wonderland cute overkill. Lotte World is also the 1st largest indoor theme park in the world (Guinness World Record).

    Lotte World is divided into two parts- the indoor part referred to as Adventure Land and the outdoor part known as Magic Island.

    Lotte World